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Pool Net and Pool Fence – Comparison

pool fence in Scottsdale, AZ outside a house

Do you want to know the difference between a pool net and pool fence in Scottsdale, AZ? Here’s a short guide that explains the advantages and disadvantages of both. Swimming pool safety barriers are helpful and necessary for parents, schools, and communities all across the world. Most organizations have multiple plans for protection against drowning,…

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Pool Fencing in Arizona| Types of Pool Fencing in Arizona

A swimming pool requires regular care and maintenance, so you have to take every precaution to keep the swimmers safe as much as possible and at all times. Having a house with a swimming pool has its perks as well as responsibilities. A well-maintained swimming pool increases your home’s resale value and offers the perfect…

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8 Benefits of Owning a Pool Fence

A properly maintained pool is one of the best features of any home as it offers an easy and convenient way to stay cool even during scorching months of summer. But, even though pools are wonderful additions to homes, they also pose some safety hazards.  Pool fences are becoming more and more in demand today,…

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How to remove mesh pool fencing

Are you having a pool party in Arizona? Gearing up for an outdoor get together? Need to remove your mesh pool fencing?   You have landed on the right page! Your Arizona Mesh Pool Fence is installed for safety, but when you need to open it up for some outdoor fun, you can easily do…

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What is Arizona code for pool fences?

what is arizona code for pool fences

You may be stunned to know that drowning is the major cause of death among children in Arizona. As a safety measure Arizona state legislature has come up with codes and laws for pool fences and you need to comply with them, if you do not want to invite legal actions.   Arizona Code For…

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5 Reasons To Choose A Removable Pool Fence

  Having a pool available at home is by far one of the most enjoyable amenities possible. Not only does it provide an easy escape from the summer’s heat or an opportunity to swim for fitness at home, but it is also a favorable gathering place for entertaining family and friends. However, it is also…

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